95% effective COVID vaccine..is it true? Is the new COVID vaccine 95% effective?

It has been a year since the fight against the Covid-19 virus began. The news that has been heard since then is that the Covid vaccine will be released today and tomorrow. Because everyone is waiting for it.

The results of the clinical trial of the vaccine are now being released.

According to Modena, the vaccine is 94.5 percent effective in clinical trials. Moderna made a similar announcement after announcing that the vaccine, developed in collaboration with another pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, Biotech-Fosun Pharma, was 90 percent effective. But now everyone is asking.. Is this true?


What is this new technology?


Moderna and Pfizer vaccines use the same technology based on messenger RNA or mRNA. Such vaccines utilize messenger RNA molecules. MRNAs are RNAs that tell cells in the body what proteins to make.

MRNA is coded to tell cells to regenerate the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, the corona virus that causes Covid-19. The spike protein, which appears as spikes on the surface of the corona virus, initiates the infection process. This allows the virus to penetrate into the cells, after which it repeats itself.

Once an MRNA-based corona virus vaccine is injected into the body, the spike will direct the cells in the body to make copies of the protein. It can make antibodies to immune cells.

These antibodies remain in the blood and fight off when the real virus infects the human body


Another vaccine also getting ready against covid 19 by AstraZeneca

Also an indian based vaccine named COVACCINE is on the way. As per India govt. it will be ready on first of 2021


We shall wait some more days too.   The good news will come. because many of these vaccines now entered to phase 3 of clinical trials in human bodies


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PfizerBiotech-Fosun Pharma



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