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We are living in a world of modern innovative technology. One among them is the establishment of internet. Internet technology means the devices, software, hardware and transmission protocols. All these things used to connect computers together and to send and receive data, files etc from one to another with the medium of internet. .In this page we share some basic knowledge about the terms, related to internet.

What is internet technology?
            Simply technologies or services provided by internet are known as internet technology. User can get information through the World Wide Web, communication is also provided. Internet also allow us to exchange ideas, information and internet interconnect computers all over the world. By using internet we can buy new products very quickly because today internet is also used for commercial purposes like online business and online shopping. All these characteristics made internet very popular and attractive
Now we are going to discuss some terms related to internet technology;

Open source  
            Open source is software. Open source is freely available. User can modify or make some changes and also able to share new products and services very quickly as any user sees fit. Open source is user friendly software which gives more importance or consideration to users and they focus on the benefits from users collaboration, means this collaboration help to improve the software. Open source is adopted by many corporation to run some critical business application.

            Developer is a person or a group of persons or an organization, who creates software. The process of developing software include, design, programming and testing.

            Internet technology provides a digital platform or a foundation for running a software. Windows and Mac OS, these operating systems are the example of platforms.

LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Stack
            It is one of the famous and most popular software platforms. LAMP stack is used for developing new websites, web based applications and services.
·         Linux
            It is a group of open source operating system. Linux help to forms the basis of many web based application.
·         Apache
            Apache is an open source web server software. Apache is free and very popular open source web server software. This means about 60% web sites in our world run on apache. It is not ‘the fastest’ web server.
·         MySQL
            MySQL is also an open source database management system. It is used by facebook and Wikipedia.
·         PHP
            PHP is a programming language. It is used to create dynamic web pages. To display data on the web there is a close relationship or corporation between PHP, Apache and MySQL on the other words PHP works hand in hand with both Apache and MySQL.

                                                    internet technology and terms

What is architecture of computer?
            Like others this is software. It creates some plans and designs just like the plans and designs of buildings. Architecture  of computer gives a blue print which include the information about how the system is build , how it is going to functions and also help to provide information about  how it connects to other computers.

Infrastructure of computer
            Computers, servers and their connections all these together form infrastructure. Infrastructure creates the highways along which data flows within a company or all over the world.

            Bandwidth is the amount of data which is exchanged or transferred within a fixed period of time. There is a higher bandwidth which means more information can transfer very quickly.

To Scale
            When we are increasing the use of hardware or software, we need to scale it. This means it is able to handle an increase in activity.

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