internet basic information
Hey guys, what’s up, we know that technology is increasing day by day. Now we live in a world of internet. Internet is one of the most important innovations that give our world a different face. Every one of us use internet daily and there is no need for an introduction. So today we are decided to share some basic knowledge about internet. Including what is internet? Who is the founder of internet? What are the facilities provided by internet?

What is internet?      
            Internet is regarded as networks of network, internet connect computers all over the world. It contains all kind of information. Due to this internet is also called the Information highway. Internet comprises lots of computers found in networks like government, business organization, and internet service providers called ISPs etc. Both hardware and software is included in this network. Computers, modem, cable satellite etc are included in hardware and software used to exchange information through protocol, protocol means, it is a method that a data is sent from one computer to another on the internet.

What are the characteristics of internet?
            First and the most important characteristic of internet is that connects people across the world without any physical, political, social, and cultural limitations. It connects people without considering their place or time. Through internet we can share our thoughts ideas and data freely. Internet provide social platform for social interaction like chats, email, messages and more. Chatting apps are introduced today to connects people like face book, what’s app etc.

What is the history of internet?
            All of us are using computer. But here we give the history of internet. In 1960s Advanced Research Project, ARPA developed internet. Their purpose is interconnection of one system with another computer. Due to this now we can use internet for share our views, get information and help us to learn many things. Internet is also used for entertaining. Now web is also available in our PC, laptops, I pad, TV, and mobiles.

Services provided by internet
            We already know that internet is used for communication and it is a communication network. WWW (World Wide Web) is one of the facilities provided by internet. World Wide Web is invented by Berners Lee. It is like an encyclopedia. We can get any information through the help of www. All these things are rolled into one. Now we also used internet for commercial purposes. It is now a world largest network. Internet made our world a global village.

*Digital media:- digital media is service provided by internet that has a global reach. It is allowed to create quickly and also sudden reproduction. Characteristics of digital media; they provide a platform for interactive section, vertuality etc.

*E- mail:- with the help of internet we can send and receive messages from any part of the world through e mail. An email id and password is required for create an e mail for communication.

*E -book:- e book is the electronic version of a  text. By using this we can reduce the use of paper . Sony Bookman was the first electronic book introduced in the market in 1991. Like e books electronic magazines are also used. It is an electronic version of magazines. E-newspaper and e-journal etc are also available. We can share huge files through internet. 

* E-banking :-today e-banking is  make our life more easier. All services are provided through internet.  E banking also gives some security and privacy to customers. By this we can reduce the use of paper money.

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