Hey, today Hopingman discussing  about the best video editing app for android. Following is some of the information about three best video editing apps on android;

             Firstly we say about the Inshot app.   Inshot is a very popular video editing app. It is very easy to use. Inshot is the fastest and powerful editing app. It has many colour corrections options and filter effects. Inshot video editing app supports all big video sizes and Inshot does not have the extra fancy features like multiple video or audio layers. The app is free but there is ads in this app. Ads are sometimes appearing while you are editing. To remove ads you have to pay some money.  There are three payment options, one time fees that is $43, and monthly payment that is $4 per month and $ 13.99 per year.

            It is another popular video editing app on android. Kinemaster is also easy to use. This app is also powerful. And many features are provided by this app, they are: advanced audio control and advanced effects, this app also supports multiple audio and multiple video layers, different colour filters, colour adjustment etc. many format and sizes are provided. Kinemaster support editing and exporting of 4k videos. Also provide the facilities like in-app purchase. Due to this we can buy extra transitions, effects titles etc. There is iOS version of this app is also available. This is also a free app with ads. But when you want to remove the ads you have to pay some money. The payment scheme is $5.20 per month or $42 per year. This app is also suitable for a beginner too.

            Power director is also a power full video editing app. Many advanced innovative modern facilities provided by this app to edit our video. It is very easy and simple to use. Sharing facility is provided by this app. Powerdirector app supports 4k size videos. It also supports multiple tracks of audio and video. Many effects colour corrections different font size adjustment title designs are included. This app gives the in- app purchase facility.  And we can purchase more effect, and we can purchase extra transitions, titles etc. we can edit videos in different formats and different sizes. But like Kinemaster when we started to edit or work a video by choosing a particular format then we cannot change that format. So before editing we have to choose the suitable format. Powerdirector is also support in our PC.  Power director is a free app but this app also has water mark on it. There is limitation on your export. We can export 720p through the free version of power directors. We cannot export huge size videos through the free version. To remove this limitation we have to pay some money, we have some payment options. We can pay $7.50 per month or yearly $ 53.  This app is also very suitable for a beginner. Because it is very stable and very fast video editing app. Power director is very powerful app too.